Face shields have become a popular personal protective equipment (PPE) over time. They are used in industries and healthcare for protecting the wearer against impact, chemical, and biological hazards.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for face shield has increased exponentially. Face shields come with different designs and features that you can choose from based on your requirements. Working for long hours in face shields can cause fogging that can become uncomfortable and unsafe for the wearer.

Antifog face shields provide the resolution to this problem. This article provides details on why to use antifog face shields and how to prevent fogging while using them.

what is anti fog face shield?

Why Use Antifog Face Shields

Fogging is a common problem while using face shields for long periods. It can occur due to working in a humid workplace or one that lacks enough ventilation. Fogging can not only make wearing the face shield uncomfortable, but it can also compromise your safety.

Fogging can obstruct your vision and reduce your safety while working in a hazardous environment.

Antifog face shields address this problem. The visors in these face shields are specially coated with antifog coatings that prevent fogging. It ensures that you get a clear and unobstructed vision at all times. This reduces the chances of being involved in any workplace mishaps and injuries.

what is anti fog face shield?

How to Prevent Fogging of Face Shields

Depending upon the place and environment you work in, you can experience fogging inside the face shield.

This can be the case if your face shield does not have an antifog coating. A simple and inexpensive solution for preventing fogging is to ensure proper ventilation at the workplace. based on the make and model, your face shield may have some vents for ventilation. You can open those vents for ensuring better ventilation and preventing fogging.

If the face shield does not have vents, you can consider opening the visor a bit for ventilation. You should take care not to leave a large gap between your face and visor while opening it as it may leave you vulnerable.

You can also consider buying antifog face shields to prevent fogging. These face shields use special antifog coatings on the visor that ensure there is no fogging. Some face shields come with a breather that points downwards and fits across your cheeks and nose. It is better to test them before using. Breathe heavily and check whether the antifogging feature works properly.


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