Face shields are breathing barriers that protect the wearer from different types of contaminants and hazardous elements.

The current article provides the salient reasons and purpose of warring a breathing barrier such as a face shield.

Protection from Pathogens and Hazards

Face shields protect the wearer from chemical hazards and biological pathogens.

What Is the Purpose of a Breathing Barrier Such as a Face Shield?

Healthcare workers come in contact with these pathogens regularly and using face shields and keep them safe. The COVID-19 pandemic has made them more vulnerable and necessitated a widespread use of face shields for all healthcare workers. Using face shields not only protects the healthcare professionals, but also the patients around them. It helps to break the chain of transmission of deadly infections.

Prevention of Injuries

Face shields are a great option for workers in hazardous industries. Some industries like automobiles, welding, construction, etc. require workers to come in contact with hazardous elements.

Some of these hazardous elements include high temperatures, molten metal, hot sparks, metal chips, projectiles, hazardous chemicals, etc. Face shields have visors that are impact-resistant and protect your face and eyes from the above-mentioned hazardous elements.

Workers who get critically injured at the workplace due to lack of proper PPE can lose their job and a secure source of livelihood. Face shields provide them peace of mind against such injuries.

What Is the Purpose of a Breathing Barrier Such as a Face Shield?

Protecting Your Eyes

Another advantage of using face shields especially for workers engaged in hazardous industries is to protect their eyes.

Working in welding places or other areas that involve high glare can damage your eyes. You can choose a face shield with a tinted visor to protect your eyes from the high glare. Face shields can also have IR resistant visors that protect your eyes from IR radiation.

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If you are exposed to workplaces that involve UV radiation, then choosing a face shield with UV resistant visor can help protect your eyes from it.

What Is the Purpose of a Breathing Barrier Such as a Face Shield?


Face shields have become very comfortable. They are being manufactured using the best quality materials and the latest technology that makes them comfortable and durable.

Face shields have become lightweight and allow for better ventilation. This ensures that you do not feel uncomfortable while wearing them for long periods.

You get an excellent blend of protection and comfort while using a breathing barrier like face shields. Medical face shields are lighter and are very convenient to put on and take off.

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