Face shields can be divided into normal face shields and medical face shields based on their application. The key differences between normal and medical face shields are discussed below:

Key Differences

Some of the key differences between a normal and medical face shield are discussed below:



A key difference between normal face shield and medical face shield is their weight.

Medical face shields are lightweight compared to normal face shields. Healthcare workers may need to put on their medical face shields immediately to deal with emergencies. As medical face shields are lightweight, they are much easier to put on and take off instantly.

Normal face shields do not require to be frequently put on and taken off. A worker will generally keep it on for the duration of their work.


Medical face shields are generally more comfortable.


This is because they are lightweight and allow for more ventilation.

The headband on the front of the medical face shields is comfortable and keeps it secure. Keeping the face shield secure is important as it ensures that it does not fall off and expose the wearer to dangerous contaminants.


Normal face shields provide better protection from impacts. They are more impact resistant to protect the workers in industries.

Medical face shields, on the other hand, are less impact-resistant. They are designed to provide better protection to the wearer against chemical and biological pathogens.


Key Considerations for Choosing a Good Medical Face Shield

You should check whether the face shield you plan to buy complies with the regulatory standards prescribed in your country. Buying a medical face shield that does not meet these standards, can leave you exposed to pathogens and related infections.

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The next thing to check is the fit of the face shield. You must always do a fit test before using it in a hazardous environment. The face shield should cover your face entirely and there should not be any gaps that can allow contaminants to enter inside.

The face shield should also be comfortable to wear for long periods. It should have convenient adjustment options for a better fit and to keep the face shield secure while wearing. The visor should provide a clear vision and protect you from impact and other dangerous contaminants.

You can also prefer buying medical face shield that has an anti-fog coating and ventilation vents for more comfort.

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