COVID-19 has changed the world drastically. It has necessitated the use of adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) for staying safe from the infection.

Medical gloves are one such important PPE that can protect you from COVID-19. However, you need to follow certain best practices while wearing medical gloves to remain safe.

Gloves can give you a wrong sense of security. You can touch your eyes, face, nose, etc. while wearing these medical gloves. If the gloves themselves are infected, then it is the same as touching your face and nose with bare hands.

Any surface or object that you touch with the gloves can potentially become contaminated. Trying to take off your mask with contaminated gloves can lead to cross-contamination that can be dangerous.

You must always wash and sanitize your hands after removing the gloves. To be extra safe, you may also consider using double layering of gloves. This will provide additional protection even if one of the glove layers is damaged.

Who Should Wear Medical Gloves?

People who have to take care of patients infected with COVID-19 must wear medical gloves. They should wear these gloves for cleaning surfaces, dishes, etc.

Do You Need Medical Glove for COVID-19 and Where to Buy Them?

You should wear medical gloves when you are near to an infected person or handling their clothes, dishes, etc. All surfaces like doorknobs, counters, tables, etc. that come in direct contact with the medical gloves, should be immediately disinfected.

It is important to check that the gloves are not ripped, punctured, or soiled before using them. You must also wash and sanitize your hands before putting on the medical gloves.

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Always take off the gloves from the inside to prevent any contamination and infection.

Where to Buy Medical Gloves From?

You can buy medical gloves either offline or online. While buying from offline channels, ensure you buy them from a reputed medical store.

Always insist on buying medical gloves manufactured from credible and professional brands. You may save some money while buying a lesser brand or from a less reputed medical store, but you may not get complete protection.

Many online marketplaces sell medical gloves. You can read the reviews of medical gloves to get a fair understanding of their quality and features.

Do You Need Medical Glove for COVID-19 and Where to Buy Them?

Medical gloves tested and certified by the relevant authorities should only be purchased. You can consider buying an additional set of gloves if you will be using them daily.

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