Medical goggles are important personal protective equipment (PPE) used for protecting your eyes. They are used by healthcare professionals to protect their eyes from harmful chemicals and biological pathogens.

Healthcare professionals globally are intensively using medical goggles to stay safe from COVID-19 infection.

The current article provides detailed insights into why you should use medical googles, how they are better than safety glasses, and different types of medical goggles.

It also provides details on the key considerations before buying a good pair of medical goggles.

Where to Buy Medical Goggles

You can buy medical goggles from pharmaceutical stores. You should always insist on buying medical goggles of a reputed brand. These goggles are PPE and they should comply with the regulatory standards in your country.

In the U.S, all medical goggles should be compliant with the standards prescribed by the American National Safety Institute (ANSI), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), etc.

What are Medical Goggles and Where to Buy Goggles?

PPE that complies with these standards is of good quality and provides you optimal protection from hazardous environments.

It is best to avoid buying medical goggles from shady dealers or of unknown brands. You may get them for a little cheaper, but they may not provide you the required protection when you need it the most. Many online marketplaces sell medical goggles and other PPE.

You can also get good deals and discounts while shopping online. However, the key thing is not to compromise on the quality of medical goggles you are buying.

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Safety Glasses Vs Medical Goggles: Which is Better

Medical goggles are commonly used by healthcare professionals to stay safe from contamination. They provide complete protection to the eyes from a hazardous work environment.

They are better than safety glasses as they cover the area around your eyes and provide a complete seal that prevents any contaminants to enter.

What are Medical Goggles and Where to Buy Goggles?

Even safety glasses with wraparound lenses cannot provide the same level of protection as medical goggles.

You can remain protected from dust, liquid, caustic vapor, etc. while using medical goggles. It also protects your eyes from blunt impact and high-velocity debris that you may encounter.

Types of Medical Goggles

Medical goggles can provide a high degree of protection to your eyes. You should buy the right medical goggles to get the best protection. The different types of medical goggles available in the market that you can choose from are discussed below:

Direct Vent

Direct vent medical goggles have numerous perforations around their body. This ensures that there is no fogging while wearing them for long periods.

It provides you a clear vision and is excellent for impact protection. You should ensure that these goggles are not used for protection from liquid, dust, caustic vapor, etc.

Indirect Vent

Medical goggles with indirect vents provide increased airflow. They provide better protection from liquid and dust, compared to direct vent medical goggles.

However, they are not suitable for protecting from the caustic vapor. Since the vents are covered, a major problem of using these medical goggles for long periods is fogging.

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What are Medical Goggles and Where to Buy Goggles?

This can disrupt your vision and reduce your efficiency in delivering at your workplace. Some models come with a dual-pane and anti-fog coating to reduce the problem of fogging.


Non-vented medical goggles are completely sealed. They do not have any vents. These medical goggles provide the best protection from chemical and biological contaminants.

They can be used to protect from liquid, dust, and caustic vapor. Since there is no opening, these medical goggles tend to fog very quickly. It is recommended to use models that come with an anti-fog coating for better visibility and protection.

Considerations for Buying Good Quality Medical Goggles

There are many things that you should examine before buying the best pair of medical goggles for yourself. The first thing to look at is the brand you are buying.

You should always buy medical goggles made from reputed brands. There is no merit in buying cheaper medical goggles that may be substandard and do not provide you the protection you need while working in a hazardous environment.

You should also check whether the medical googles you plan to buy meet the safety standards in your country.

Each country has stipulated standards and guidelines that should be followed by PPE manufacturers to ensure effective protection. It is best to ignore medical goggles that do not comply with safety standards and guidelines.

You should also ensure that the medical goggles form a tight seal around your eyes. It should always keep your eyes protected by preventing any chemical or biological contaminants from entering inside. It is important to do a fit test of a medical goggle before using it.

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You should also inspect the medical goggles frequently for any signs of damage or cracks and get it replaced if required.

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