Protective suits are a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) used for providing comprehensive protection from chemicals and microbes. These suits provide a complete enclosure from head to toe and ensure that your body is insulated from hazardous environments.

Protective suits come in different variants and differ based on fabric, coverage, breathability, protection capabilities, etc.  While they provide the highest level of security from hazards like COVID-19, they are also comfortable to wear.

The greater the protection, the lesser will be their breathability. The less breathable a protective suit is, the more will be the heat stress.

What Is Protective Suit and Can They Protect You From COVID-19?

Do Protective Suits Protect from COVID-19

COVID-19 has engulfed the world. it has put enormous pressure and shortage on the supply of PPE to healthcare professionals. Protective suits are the best PPE materials that provide the highest degree of protection from COVID-19.

They cover the entire body of healthcare professionals and ensure they are not exposed to the deadly virus while working on the frontlines. Protective suits can prevent the coronavirus from permeating its surface.

This ensures the safety of healthcare professionals wearing it and those around them. This can help significantly in breaking the chain of transmission of the virus and keeping people safe.

What Is Protective Suit and Can They Protect You From COVID-19?

How to Choose Protective Suits

You should consider the following for choosing a suitable protective suit for remaining protected from COVID-19:


The most important factor to consider is the protection offered by the protective suit.

You must ensure that they comply with the prescribed standards meant for protecting you from COVID-19. Before using them in real-world conditions, you should conduct a fit test.

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This will ensure that the protective suit fits perfectly and does not have any gaps or loose seals that may allow the virus to sneak through.

What Is Protective Suit and Can They Protect You From COVID-19?


The breathability of a protective suit decreases as the level of protection increases.

You will need to choose a protective suit that offers greater protection over breathability. The lesser the breathability the more will be the heat stress and the more uncomfortable the protective suit will be

. A protective suit that provides an ideal balance of protection and breathability, should be chosen.


The fabric of a protective suit should be chosen such that it has the lowest permeation time. the permeation time refers to the time taken for a contaminant or microbe to pass through the fabric at a molecular level.

The higher the permeation time, the better and more protective the suit is.


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