COVD-19 has left businesses reeling and restaurants are no exception. Not only the restaurants but their staff have also been severely impacted.

This is the time for restaurant owners to support their staff during this draconian crisis. You can follow the below-mentioned to support your restaurant staff during the COVID-19 crisis:

Provide Paid Sick Leave

You can start by providing paid sick leave to your restaurant staff. Many restaurant staff work on hourly wages. They are more likely to either go to work even when sick as they may lose their wages if they do not work. Both these situations are not favorable, either for the staff or for your business.

How to Support Restaurant Staff During the Covid-19 Health Crisis

A sick staff attending work can pose serious infection threats for other staff and your customers. If you implement a paid sick leave program, you ensure that sick staff does not have to put themselves and others at risk just for the fear of losing out on their wages.

It will also increase the motivation level of your restaurant staff manifolds.

Do Not Insist for Medical Certificate

How to Support Restaurant Staff During the Covid-19 Health Crisis

If a staff calls in sick, then do not insist on providing a medical certificate. Doctors are already busy dealing with COVID-19 pandemic and patients.

This is not the time to make your staff prove that they are sick. If a staff calls in sick, trust them, and ensure that they remain indoors. Some staff may already be reeling with salary cuts and making them visit a doctor will only put more financial strain on them.

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Promote Mental Wellness

COVID-19 era is filled with uncertainties. There is no vaccine for the virus, and it is unclear when the world will be completely free of COVID-19. Such a situation can cause immense anxiety and depression that can lead to mental health issues.

You can consider promoting mental health and well-being among your restaurant staff.

How to Support Restaurant Staff During the Covid-19 Health Crisis

Providing subscription to some popular mindfulness app can help them greatly to cope with any mental health issues. Always maintain a positive and supportive attitude for the staff in these uncertain times.

Train Your Staff on Cleanliness and Sanitization

You must train your restaurant staff to maintain the desired cleanliness and sanitization practices. This training will ensure that they follow the best hygiene and sanitation practices and remain protected from COVID-19. You should install wash and sanitizing stations at conspicuous places in the restaurant. T

he staff should use adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks and gloves to protect themselves from the infection.

Social distancing should always be strictly followed.

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