Medical gloves are widely used by healthcare professionals.

They help in protecting these professionals and the others around them from hazardous substances, chemicals, body fluids, and potential infections. There are different types of medical gloves that are used depending upon their suitability. The key types of medical gloves are discussed below:

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are one of the most popular and widely used medical gloves. They are made from latex which is natural rubber.

These medical gloves are the thinnest and wearing them feels like having a second skin. You get the complete freedom of hand movements and dexterity while using latex gloves. They offer good resistance against chemicals and microbes.

What are the Types of Medical Gloves?

Latex gloves are tight-fitting and offer a snug fit. They have high puncture resistance and tactile sensitivity too. You feel comfortable while wearing latex medical gloves for longer periods. These gloves are eco-friendly and biodegradable as they are made from natural rubber. However, the medical industry is slowly moving away from latex gloves as they can cause latex allergies.

Healthcare professionals who use latex gloves for long hours can develop skin allergies that can cause skin irritation and redness.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves have emerged as a perfect substitute for latex gloves. They are ideal for healthcare professionals who have a latex allergy.

What are the Types of Medical Gloves?

Nitrile gloves offer greater protection from body fluids, chemicals, and petroleum-based products. These gloves have the highest puncture resistance and durability. They can fit perfectly and mold themselves to your hand’s shape and contours, which makes them very comfortable.  You can experience the full range of hand motions without any hindrance or discomfort.

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The downside of using nitrile gloves is that it is made of synthetic rubber through processing in a plant. This makes it non-biodegradable and it is not eco-friendly. They are also costlier than other medical gloves in the market.

Vinyl Gloves

Disposable medical glove

If you want cost-effective and latex-free medical gloves, then vinyl gloves are a good choice. They are also made from synthetic material and are suitable for people having latex allergy. These gloves are more loose-fitting than other medical gloves.

Their fit and feel are not as comfortable as latex or nitrile gloves. They also provide lesser protection from chemicals and microbes compared to other types of medical gloves.

These gloves are not suitable if you work directly in an environment involving hazardous chemicals and substances. They are also low on tactile precision and durability.

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